As a songwriter, I sometimes have thoughts or ideas that wouldn't particularly make a good song. This is the outlet for that stuff...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Predict

The common man now

Has the things that

In the past

Were saved for kings

The food we eat from

TV trays

Was royal nosh in ancient days


I predict some years from now

Foie gras chips

Truffle chow

One full aisle of chocolate bars will

Give way to various caviars

The frozen dinner fare

Will be

Quail Escabeche or

Duck Sous Vide

For fast-food there's


McGratin fries


The only question that I have is

What will future gourmets crave?

With nothing left unique

Or rare


Will the Food Network air?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Biggest Spider I Ever Saw

Was high up in the corner of the
Eave behind the downspout
His web was thick as cotton

And you could barely see 'im
He wasn't movin' any
He was just waitin'

I went back inside the house
Mom was watchin' TV
She was real quiet

There was smoke and people running
And the skyscrapers fell like
A pile of logs in a campfire

And the man on the TV said
Planes flew into them
I went back outside

I looked for planes in the blue sky
Then I found a long stick and
Went back to the corner of the house

The spider was gone now
I poked his web and curled it
Around the end of my stick

But he didn't come out so I
Wiped the stick on the green grass and
Broke it over my knee

Yeah, that was the biggest spider I ever saw